Yarn Cutter Strap

20130831-204222.jpgI bought this neat little yarn/thread cutter months ago and always planned on adding some sort of strap to it so it was a little easier to tote around. I finally did it and it went super quick and made me wonder why I waited so long!
I used the idea behind this leather bracelet but used some black silk cord I had instead. I grabbed a few colors of embroidery floss and got to work. The only beads I had that were big enough were Evie’s plastic pony beads, so I picked a glittery purple one.20130902-190725.jpgIt’s not perfect, but It probably took me about 10 minutes and I already had all the materials laying around. I’m definitely going to start keeping this in my little bag of cross stitch supplies and finally get some use out of it.

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