A Rainbow of Hexagons

A Rainbow of Hexagons by Hugs are Fun
I’ve been slowly accumulating hexagons for my giant rainbow quilt. This is the first quilt I’m making and I decided to be extremely ambitious. I upgraded to a queen size and I need about 1000 more hexagons. Basting the hexagons isn’t the big deal for me, it’s the joining. I find it extremely tedious, but I do love the satisfaction of seeing the project grow.
A Rainbow of Hexagons by Hugs are Fun
I am joining in small batches to make the project more manageable to work on. I thinkI did my math right on how many rows I need, but just to be safe I’m not joining everything together yet. I am only joining two colors at a time, so if necessary I can add additional colors to either side.

Once I have the amount of rows I’ve figured out, I will lay it out over a queen sized blanket and compare. I am so excited to see how this project all comes together, I am really loving the colors and the variation of prints.

Today was the deadline on a big, secret project I’ve been working on. Unfortunately it will have to stay a secret for a few more months. But fortunately, I will have more time to work on other projects again!


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    This looks fantastic! I have a whole bunch of fabrics from clothes I’ve cut up and thrown out and I’ve been wondering what to do with them. Thinking it might be an idea to do what you’ve done and make a big old traditional quilt. Hmmm…

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