A Rainbow Quilt!

A Rainbow Quilt! from Hugs are Fun

I got really amazing feedback on my post about giving up on a project. It felt like a weight was lifted and I was finally able to start something new. I talked to Evie about what kind of quilt she would want me to make and originally she said pink, but then changed her mind to wanting a rainbow quilt.

A Rainbow Quilt! from Hugs are Fun

I know I want to make quilts for both girls so I decided to cut two blocks of all the fabrics and then make them each rainbow quilts using different designs. Since I almost exclusively buy 1/8 yard cuts of fabric which is 4.5″, I decided to do 4″ blocks.

A Rainbow Quilt! from Hugs are Fun

To cut down on the amount of blocks I need and to make piecing easier, I decided to add gray sashing in between each square, but it made the math extremely difficult. To figure it out I made an Illustrator document the size I wanted the final blanket to be and then made squares that were 3.5″ (the size the blocks will be when sewn) and I just digitally laid the whole thing out at full size.

I’m really, really excited about how the project is coming together but I also wasn’t really prepared for the amount of work involved in making a quilt. The cutting process seemed to take forever but now that the prep work is done, it’s going a lot faster assembling it. It is feeling extremely satisfying and I’m excited to finally finish a quilt.


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