Another Rainbow Cross Stitch iPhone Case

Another Rainbow Cross Stitch iPhone Case at Hugs are Fun

One of my all time favorite things I’ve made is still my first iPhone case. I had to retire it though when I got my iPhone 6, it doesn’t fit plus it got really grubby after spending a year being taken in and out of my pants pockets.

All the way back in November I bought a cross stitchable iPhone 6 case and I finally decided I needed to stop thinking about it and just start stitching. The seller contacted me and gave me a coupon code for all of my lovely readers! If you buy a case use the code HUGSAREFUN for $2 off!

Another Rainbow Cross Stitch iPhone Case at Hugs are Fun

I loved the triangles of my first case but didn’t want to do the exact same thing, so this time I made half the pattern grey triangles. Then for the other triangles I did a transition of rainbow colors. It worked out really nicely that each color got 2 rows of the case, the first time around the purple only got one row.

Another Rainbow Cross Stitch iPhone Case at Hugs are Fun

I picked up some Scotch Guard yesterday at Joann Fabrics with the intention of sealing it before I started using it, but then I realized it’s outdoor. I need to test it and do some research and find out if this will be a problem, I really don’t want to ruin this!

I’m really happy with how this turned out. It felt like it took forever but really it was just a little over a week. I’m a lot slower stitching on plastic than I am with fabric, it’s more of a battle getting the needle through and I broke several in the process.

Have you ever tried using Scotch Guard or another sealer on cross stitch? Any horror stories or advice?


  1. says

    I’ve been following your progress on Instagram 🙂 This came out so great! I also don’t have any advice about using Scotch Guard as I hardly cross-stitch anymore. Even when I was, it wasn’t that often.

    • says

      Yeah I’ve never Scotch Guarded anything before and definitely not any stitching. But I definitely need to do something because my other one is not looking great after normal use. I’m definitely going to do some serious testing before I do anything on the case!

    • says

      I am tempted to get a couple more to stitch up! They’re pretty fun! The one I had before was a lot more expensive so I felt like I had to make it really good because I wasn’t going to buy another one. But this one is a lot more reasonably priced so I didn’t feel as much pressure!

  2. Kim Hunter says

    I have seen Scotch Guard cause colors to run. An option would be to take snippets of each of your colors and test them as a group before applying scotch guard to your finished product. I owned a needlework store for many years and saw occasional issues when customers used scotch guard on finished pieces.

    • says

      I actually ended up being too nervous to seal it with anything. I was worried the stitching would get ruined. I’ve taken it off a few times and just washed it with soap and water. It’s still gotten dulled and grimy over time though.

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