Felt Embroidery Hoop Monogram

20130828-132740.jpgI have a thing for making and buying things with the letter E for Evie’s room. There’s one here and here and here. So now that Mira’s here, I’ve got to start going on the letter M!

20130828-133400.jpgAfter making the lucky underpants and the Pigeon hoop, I am on a bit of a felt kick. I love how the embroidery looks on the surface, and this was a fun, quick project. I bought this fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby and didn’t really have any plans for it at first, but it worked well for the background. I made a quick template in Illustrator with the heart and an M. I was originally going to do white thread, but I’m glad I went with the red stitching. I like it a lot.
I have more finished felt projects that I still need to share, as well as another one I have planned.

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