Felt Valentine Necklace

Felt Valentine Necklace by Hugs are Fun

One of my 2014 goals was to try new crafts. Needle felting was high on that list of ones to try. I got a needle felting kit for Christmas two years ago and I was just so nervous to try it out. I am not the most graceful person and I get hurt a lot. I’ve been to the ER because of an Xacto knife before, so the idea of me stabbing things with needles seemed like a bad idea.
Felt Valentine Necklace by Hugs are Fun
I finally got over my fear and gave it a whirl this past weekend and I loved it, it’s so amazing to me to take some wool roving and a needle and end up with a solid object. I needle felted the heart, but the little balls I wet felted. The heart was a good start, and next I plan on attempting something 3D,
Felt Valentine Necklace by Hugs are Fun
I embroidered an E on the heart and knew I wanted to make a necklace for Evie. I originally planned on adding a jump ring, but that wasn’t going to work. Instead I just passed the needle right through the heart and attached it that way.
Felt Valentine Necklace by Hugs are Fun
Evie was very excited to get this necklace, every time I work on anything she asks if it’s for her. It was a quick and cute little project and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

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      It’s really fun. I like wet felting, I’ve made some felt covered bars of soap in the past and I made a garland with little felt balls I made. The needle felting is definitely something I intend to explore more, it’s really neat!


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