Free Pattern Friday – Lego Movie Unikitty!

Free Lego Movie Unikitty Cross Stitch Pattern by Hugs are Fun
The credit for this pattern goes to my husband Josh. He told me he had an idea for a pattern that he was going to make, and it just so happened to coincide with Free Pattern Friday.

If you’re one of the many, many people who can’t stop singing “Everything is Awesome!” you will definitely appreciate this adorable Unikitty cross stitch pattern! Josh and I got to see the Lego Movie together on Valentine’s Day and we both absolutely loved it. You just can’t resist Unikitty, she’s so adorable and such a terrific character!
Unikitty and Business Unikitty Lego - Hugs are Fun
I haven’t started this one yet, but hopefully I’ll be able to start stitching it this weekend while I listen to “Everything is Awesome!” on repeat. The final piece will fit into a 5×7″ frame when stitched on 14ct.

Download the PDF here – Free Pattern Friday – March 2014

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  1. says

    Brilliant! We saw Frozen but not the Lego flick yet – I need some new tunes to replace “Let It Go” in my head – I need to see this movie and make that pattern! Chrissie x

  2. SailorWookiee says

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m about 1/2 done with this, my colours aren’t totally exact (I blame yellowt bedroom lighting) but I’m having a blast with it. I love Lego and loved Unikitty! Thanks again.

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