Lucky Underpants Badges

20130819-095649.jpgWe are currently working on potty training. I wasn’t in a rush because it all seemed like such a hassle, especially when I was pregnant, and then once Mira was born I couldn’t imagine dealing with it then either. But Evie decided she wasn’t waiting for me, and started taking off her diaper and demanding to use the potty. The kid knows what she wants…

20130819-100043.jpgWe haven’t made the leap to underwear yet, but when we do, I have this little gem waiting for her. I saw this tutorial over on Bugs and Fishes for these felt underpants badges. The tutorial makes them into a pin, but I didn’t feel like something sharp was a good idea for a toddler. So instead I modified it to be a pendant for a necklace. Evie has wanted to make medals a few times to wear around her neck, so I thought this could be her special potty medal. To do the necklace, I just cut out a little rectangle of felt and sewed it so there is a loop.
20130819-095832.jpgI made three. I wanted to try out making one that was bigger, so I printed the template at 150%. The other two are at the normal 100% size. I also made one for Evie’s friend Amelia. The 150% one is probably a bit too big, but I do love the gray, purple, orange color combo. I really liked embroidering on the felt, which inspired me to do a few other felt projects that I will be sharing soon.20130819-100203.jpg

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