Making Hexagons!

I’ve been wanting to try out English paper piecing to make hexagons for awhile. I always see pictures on Instagram of hexagon quilting projects and I wanted to get in on it!
I’ve seen plenty of free templates for hexagons, but I just spent a couple dollars and picked up a pack of precut hexagons. I knew that I would never get around to making these if I had to cut out my own paper hexagons. I used this terrific tutorial from the Zen of Making to learn the process. I have a big box of scrap fabric and I dug through and prepped a handful of hexagons. I made these seven in about a half hour, it went really quickly and I absolutely love how they look.
I don’t really have a plan for them, I just really wanted to make them. I would love to eventually make a blanket from hexagons, but they would need to be bigger. These are only 3/4″ and it would take a lot of them to make a decent sized blanket!
So who else is hexie obsessed? Any ideas for unique projects to use them in?

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