Old Projects – Crochet Totoro

I don’t have a good track record for finishing crochet or knitting projects. So when I finish something it’s a big deal for me. Especially if it’s something I really like.
20130727-155436.jpgWhen I was pregnant with Evie I made her this crochet Totoro toy. She’s recently fallen in love with the movie, so she’s really excited about this guy lately.

20130727-155603.jpgThere are some issues I have with it, the bottom is kind of messy, the tail isn’t on straight, and I wish I stuffed it a little more. But overall, I’m pretty darn proud. And I am so glad that Evie loves him so much and likes to put him in high chairs.
20130727-155847.jpgI was browsing patterns on Ravelry and I might need to make Mira her own Totoro. Or maybe I’ll buy this pattern for a Totoro lovey.

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