Old Projects – Naval Flag Cross Stitch

I made this cross stitch a few years ago spelling out "I love you" in naval flags. I never did anything with it because the plastic hoop I used to make it left a stain around the edge and I got frustrated and put it aside. I finally dug it out and took a Tide pen to it and got rid of most of the circle. I think I might frame it in a wooden embroidery hoop and list it in my shop this week, so stay tuned. ... Read More

Old Projects – DIY Hippopotodock

When I came across these photos, I just couldn't resist posting the hippopotodock that Josh and I (ok, mostly Josh) made in 2009. It was, and still is, a thing of beauty. We got a plastic animal and took a Dremel to it to make the space for the iPhone to sit in it. Josh even added a little divot so the home button could still be accessed when it was in the dock. ... Read More

Old Projects – Hugs Are Fun

Originally I made this to use as a banner on my website. Once it was done though, it got cast aside. Trying to make it look right wasn't working so we just went with a font instead. It's such an awkward size and I don't want to have to get it custom framed. But it seems a shame that it's been sitting in a box for months. Maybe I'll figure out something to do with it, there has to be some fun way to finish it. ... Read More