The Imperfect Hexagon Bag

The Imperfect Hexagon Bag by Hugs are Fun

I’ve been plowing away at making hexagons, I had over 1,100 at my last count, but I wanted to do a smaller hexagon project that I could quickly finish.

I made a mini rainbow of 3/4″ hexagons and attached them together. I bought this canvas bag with the intention of cross stitching on it, but I couldn’t resist sewing on hexagons instead. First I glued them on with Aleen’s fabric fusion glue and then blind stitched them to the bag.
The Imperfect Hexagon Bag by Hugs are Fun
I got a little over zealous with the glue and it got around the edges of the fabric. And there are a few areas where my blind stitch isn’t so blind, I accidentally pierced through to the fabric. I also learned why thimbles are used, I poked myself more times than I care to admit while sewing through the thick canvas.
The Imperfect Hexagon Bag by Hugs are Fun
But despite all the imperfections and mistakes, I love how the bag turned out. It’s a great size for carrying projects around and it was a learning experience for if I do more appliqué.

Have you made any imperfect projects lately that you love anyways?


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      I was always so intimidated by quilting but English paper piecing is such a great start since it’s all done by hand. I find it really relaxing.

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    If you put too much glue, add a hexie! You can always add a hexie… Right?

    I have a super huge hexie project going since last summer. It’ll be at least this summer before I even start to think about finishing it. Work small work small. Sigh.

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      I could just keep adding more hexies to cover it!

      My super huge hexie project is coming along slowly. I would be further along but I keep getting distracted by cross stitching and embroidery and other projects. It’s just so hard to try to focus!

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