Free Christmas Cross Stitch Pattern!

I had planned on doing a free Christmas pattern eventually, but Laura from Bugs and Fishes organized a Christmas link up that got my butt in gear! So here it is, before Thanksgiving even, so you have plenty of time to stitch it up before Christmas!
Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 8.31.31 PM
I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do for the link up project and kept changing my mind. Eventually I had a sketch book page full of various animals wearing Santa hats and various winter hats and scarves, and I knew I had my pattern.

Right now you’re just getting the raccoon (he’s new and improved from his first appearance as a button!) but eventually I plan on making a few more patterns.
I used plastic canvas for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. It sort of reminded me of working on the laser cut pendants. I like that the plastic canvas makes the ornament stiffer and I also didn’t have to worry about fabric edges fraying if I used Aida. His hat is a metallic Kreinik braid, but I don’t think my photos really capture it well. The red has a nice sparkle and the white is shiny enough to show up against the white of the canvas. If you are using regular thread, you might want to use a slightly off white color for the brim and ball of the hat so that you can see it better.
To attach the plastic canvas to the felt circle I used white thread and just made cross stitches along the edge. I originally had it in my head that I would whip stitch around the edges with a contrasting color, but the hole placement made that tricky. Instead I went for subtle and used the white because it blends in. For the ribbon I threaded it onto a big needle and just poked a hole right into the felt. I wasn’t positive it would work, but it did!

So here you go, my Christmas gift to you, a raccoon wearing a Santa hat. He doesn’t have to be an ornament, it would also be pretty cute as a Christmas card. I also debated working on Aida cloth and framing it in a hoop for the ornament. Use your imagination, and I’d love to see what you could up with! Send me an email with a picture – rebecca (at) or tag me in a photo on Instagram – @hugsarefun

Download the PDF here – Santa Raccoon
There are more free patterns to download here, and patterns to purchase here at my Etsy.

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    I love love love it! A very jolly little fellow indeed, and it looks like a newbie to cross stitch like me could tackle it, too! Thanks for sharing, Chrissie x

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    Aww what a cutie! I really love your little raccoon as he reminds me of when I grew up in Canada. There was a man in the town I lived in that had one as a pet, and used to walk it around in one of those cat harnesses. Okay, I’ll stop rambling now.

    Again, adorable cross stitch! I need to get into cross stitching again 🙂

    xx A

    • says

      Oh my gosh. I think raccoons are cute but I wouldn’t want one near me! I can’t imagine having one as a pet!

      Thanks for the kind words! Your cookies look amazing!

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