Free Pattern Friday – Buffy Edition

The first Friday of December really crept up on me! I was planning on designing something more festive and Christmasy, but instead you get a vaguely Christmasy, more nerdy pattern.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 9.02.27 AM

I watch through a lot of shows on Netflix and Hulu+ while I’m cross stitching and I recently rewatched all of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I really wanted to make a Buffy cross stitch and I made a huge list of possible ideas. I started stitching this one up but got distracted by all the Christmas presents I’m working on.
This quote comes from season 5, episode 9, “Listening to Fear.” Willow comes bearing gifts and says “Oh, I feel just like Santa Claus… except thinner, and younger, and… female. And, well… Jewish.” However, Buffy is disappointed when her present is homework and declares “I don’t believe in tiny Jewish Santa anymore.”

The finished piece will fit in a 5×7″ frame and should stitch up fairly quickly. I have another Christmas cross stitch pattern available if you fancy stitching up a Santa raccoon.

Download the PDF here – Free Pattern Friday – December 2013

There are more free patterns to download here, and patterns to purchase here at my Etsy.


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    I was never into those shows (don’t hurl anything at me!) but I do love and appreciate that quote! I don’t believe in Tiny Jewish Santa Anymore. nice!
    (PS this is Allison from C&T!)

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