Review – S is for Stitch

S is for Stitch review at Hugs are Fun

I was really excited to review S is for Stitch by Kristyne Czepuryk. I love monograms, so the idea of a whole book of alphabet embroidery patterns definitely appealed to me, and it didn't disappoint. The patterns in this book are adorable and a great collection to make some beautiful keepsake pieces! The book has a fantastic collection of information about getting started with embroidery. The photos and information are great and will make any beginner feel comfortable jumping into embroidery. It's very detailed and there are a lot of good tips, even if you're a more ... Read More

Review – My Crochet Doll

I was really excited to review My Crochet Doll by Isabelle Kessedjian, the adorable cover was enough to catch my eye. This book serves one purpose, to give you a fantastic doll pattern and then all the tools you need to personalize her and make her your own. In the introduction Isabelle talks about her childhood and the quest to find the doll that was especially for her. This book provides everyone with the opportunity to do that, and does a great job of it too. The book feels so personal, I can tell that Isabelle put a lot of herself into making it. The beginning ... Read More

Christmas Update and Book Review List

I've been a slacker lately. Well, with the blog at least. On the non-internet side if things, I've been extremely busy. I'm almost done with all the Christmas gifts I wanted to make (plus I keep adding more projects to the mix!) Also, Evie was sick last week and now that she's finally on the mend, Mira seems to have gotten it. Never a dull moment around here... After Christmas there will be a whole slew of blog posts showing off all the different presents and projects we've been working on over here, but there's still a week before that happens! So in the mean time ... Read More

Review – Modern One-Block Quilts

I was really excited to receive an ebook review copy of Modern One-Block Quilts: 22 Fresh Patchwork Projects* , and it did not disappoint! I was immediately struck with how easy to follow everything is, there is a terrific combination of illustrations and photographs. Everything is very clean and clear. The book starts out with a great section on learning to sew, so even if you are a complete quilting beginner, Modern One-Block Quilts can help! It lays out a variety of different types of quilting blocks and how to make them. I know that when I finally choose which of ... Read More

Review – Electrical Wizard: How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, I love Nikola Tesla. In fact, Evie's middle name is Tesla. I really want her to know more about the remarkable man who we named her after, and "Electrical Wizard: How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World" is a great way to start teaching her and I was thrilled to get a chance to review it. This book was written by Elizabeth Rusch and illustrated by Oliver Dominguez. The book begins by describing Tesla's childhood and different ways in which he experimented and explored electricity from and early age. One of the big things stressed ... Read More

Review – Pom-Poms! 25 Awesomely Fluffy Projects

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of this book from Quirk Books and I fell in love. When I thought of pom-poms I thought of yarn balls, but this book goes way beyond that with a ton of great projects using a variety of materials. The book starts off with projects separated into three categories - home, wear, and party. There's a variety of projects, some are embellishments added to things, while others are more elaborate. I always think it's great to have a book with a wide range of project difficulty. It can be intimidating to open a book that is full of ... Read More

Review – Mollie Makes Woodland Friends

There are a few craft magazines in England that I desperately wish I could get in the United States more easily, one of them is Mollie Makes. Thankfully they have a series of books that are readily available, and they are all amazing. The newest book, Mollie Makes Woodland Friends does not disappoint. I absolutely love the new woodland creature trend, this book has plenty of adorable fox patterns but also has plenty of other fuzzy creatures to make in a variety of crafts. Regardless of your crafting skills, there's something in this book for everyone. Each project ... Read More