A Muddy Craft Day!

Chrissy from Muse of the Morning is doing a week of Big Messy Art and it seemed like a really fun idea! Summer is the perfect time to get messy with crafts because you can head outside and when you're done, just hose off. We had a mud painting playdate with Evie's best friend. We went over to her house with a bucket, a bag of soil, and a bunch of different homemade paintbrushes. I made one with yarn, one with pipe cleaners, one with a giant pom pom, and two different ones with foam. I bought a bag of potting soil from Dollar Tree, you could easily use dirt in your ... Read More

Fabric Flower Cards

I participated in another toddler craft swap and brought these fabric flower cards. I got the idea from a project we did at storytime and decided it would be perfect to make as Mother's Day cards. I gave everyone enough to make two cards and it was a great way to use up some of my scraps! When we did the project at storytime it was on a full sheet of paper and there were two flowers. The cards were 5x7" and I decided two flowers would be too small for the 2-3 year olds. There would have been a lot of little pieces, so I just did one larger one. The outer circle ... Read More

Coffee Filter Flowers – Guest Post

I have another toddler craft project over at My Craftily Ever After. I know it's not spring yet, but you can make a bouquet of these bright flowers and pretend like it is! This craft is super simple but a lot of fun. I think I enjoyed making them just as much as Evie did and we keep making more all the time. Head over to my Craftily Ever After to get the full tutorial! Also in a completely unrelated note, look at this awesome picture that Evie drew on the iPad. ... Read More

Toddler Craft – Paper Plate Bird

We are part of a group that does toddler craft exchanges (see what I have made for past exchanges here and here). This month has been so crazy and the exchange totally snuck up on me so I had to pick something easy. What you need: Paper plate - cut in half Hole punch Pipe cleaners Feathers Markers, crayons, or paint Eyeballs Glue Construction paper I based this bird off the Pigeon craft we did for Evie's party, but added a little extra to the project like feathers and legs! Use your markers, crayons, paint, or whatever else you'd like to decorate ... Read More

Valentine’s Dreamcatcher -Guest Post

This week has been a total blur, I've been so busy getting everything ready for the craft show I did last night. It went so well and I will do a full post soon! I am going to be a monthly guest blogger over on My Craftily Ever After. Every month I'll be doing a toddler craft and this month I made a Valentine's Day craft. Head on over to get the full tutorial! ... Read More

Try it Tuesday – Sharpie Mug

I mentioned that this year I put Evie to work making Christmas gifts. One of the things she made was a Sharpie mug, which I've seen floating around Pinterest for months now. There are so many different tutorials, but they are all pretty standard, here's a good one from Somewhat Simple. A Beautiful Mess has a cute version too. This was actually a recent Try it Tuesday project over at Trends with Benefits, the Try it Tuesday pioneers! We went to Michael's and she picked out pink, purple, and blue Sharpies for this mug for her grandpa. They aren't the most manly ... Read More