May TSNEM – Biscornu

May TSNEM - Biscornu
Making a biscornu has had a place on my to do list for a long time now. Halfway through the month I realized I needed to figure something new to try and I settled on the biscornu. I made two of them and they both went pretty quick, especially the scissor fob.

I had a hard time finding a ton of information, but I mainly used the tutorial from Satsuma Street. Kelly from Craftypodes has an awesome post explaining exactly what a biscornu is, and has also been extremely patient and helpful in answering all my questions along the way.

May TSNEM - Biscornu

I was having a hard time finding anything about sizing online, I didn’t know how the pattern translated to the finished size. I wanted to make the scissor fob and I made it way too big and ended up with this one.


Here is a picture of the pieces before assembly. I miscounted the size when I backstitched the square on the front so that’s why there is a bigger and smaller one. I figured it worked for decoration and wasn’t worth pulling on stitches for.

May TSNEM - Biscornu

Once I had the sizing figured out I made a much, much smaller scissor fob and I love it. It stitched up super quick and I want to make a ton of them for every pair of scissors I own.

May TSNEM - Biscornu

I sent the scissor fob biscornu away in a swap package along with the triangle pouch and I suspect I will be making a lot more to send as swap extras as well.

I’ve put together a PDF with the front and back pattern for the large biscornu and then the smaller one. I used 14 ct. black Aida but you can use any colors you want. For the larger one I did add a border around the design so mine is a bit bigger than the pattern. My final biscornu is 40 stitches across so it ends up being just under 3 inches. If you want yours bigger you could easily keep the pattern going and add even more triangles.

Download your free pattern here – Biscornu Pattern

And if you want a biscornu but don’t want to stitch your own, Craftypodes has some gorgeous ones you can purchase in their shop!

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