Blanket Check-In – Week 3

This week I have been doing a lot of borders. I also realized I was going to need a lot more of the off white than I had and ended up going to three Hobby Lobby stores in the area. The first two seemed to have a completely new batch of yarn that felt completely different and didn't match at all. The third store actually had two skeins of the same dye lot, and a bunch of skeins of the next numbered dye lot. I think I'll only need the two, but I grabbed a third just in case. I was starting to panic about the non-matching yarn and the idea of having to redo all of those ... Read More

Blanket Check-In – Week 2

I feel like I've made some really good progress, especially considering I've been switching between projects. It's getting there... It finally seems like there's an end in sight! Total squares needed - 121 Total squares finished - 47 73 Total circles that need a border - 31 32 Squares still needed - 43 16 Square made this week - 27 ... Read More

Resurrecting a Project – Evie’s Blanket

As I mentioned before, I'm not great at finishing crochet projects. I started and abandoned three or four baby blankets while I was pregnant with Evie. So when I was pregnant with Mira, I wanted to start a blanket for her, but felt I should make one for Evie first. I picked out this pattern and plowed through it pretty quickly. But when I laid it out, I wanted it to be a lot bigger. When I realized I needed at least twice as many as I had already made, I was so discouraged that I had to put it away. Fast forward to months after Mira's born and I finally decided ... Read More