Rainbow Quilt Update!

It's been awhile before I had any sort of update on the status of my rainbow quilt. It's a very, very slow moving project and I'm working on it in a kind of backwards way. I used this hexagon quilt calculator to figure out how many I needed and the grand total was 3284. I ended up with a lot more than that though because I wasn't paying attention and made a couple hundred too many in some colors and had to play catch up to get enough of the others. So I'm going to have to come up with a project that uses a lot of yellows, greens, and blues! The finished quilt ... Read More

A Secret Santa Swap – What I Sent

The amazing ladies at &stitches did a Secret Santa swap and I had the pleasure to make something for Nicole from Follow the White Bunny. I was really excited about the exchange but also very nervous because I didn't want to send a disappointing package! I knew I wanted to do something with cross stitching (it is a stitching blog after all!) but I also wanted to make something more than just a hoop to hang up. I went and picked out fabrics based on the colors that Nicole said she liked and I made a Flower POW Mug Rug from CraftyPod's pattern and a hexagon zipper ... Read More

An EPP Hexagon Shortcut

I'm not exactly sure where I saw this idea, I think it was from someone in a Facebook group. But I just love it so much and had to share it. When I baste my hexagons I use the method of little stitches at each corner, the same one Haley from The Zen of Making uses.. I used to finish the hexagon and then cut the thread. But here's the crazy trick... After you're done just keep basting the next one! Instead of cutting the thread, just insert the needle into the next hexagon and start basting. Just leave a little space in between the two and baste as you ... Read More

A Rainbow of Hexagons

I've been slowly accumulating hexagons for my giant rainbow quilt. This is the first quilt I'm making and I decided to be extremely ambitious. I upgraded to a queen size and I need about 1000 more hexagons. Basting the hexagons isn't the big deal for me, it's the joining. I find it extremely tedious, but I do love the satisfaction of seeing the project grow. I am joining in small batches to make the project more manageable to work on. I thinkI did my math right on how many rows I need, but just to be safe I'm not joining everything together yet. I am only joining ... Read More

Laser Cut Hexagon Pendants

I don't think it's any surprise that I've caught the hexagon bug. I've become an English paper piecing machine and I'm finding myself drawn to any and all hexagon patterns. Just check out this pouch, Moleskine, and duct tape that I got. Anyways, Jen from 52 Lasers made an assortment of hexagon pendant frames and I got to help her fill them! My first thought was obviously fabric. I'm a huge fan of making fabric hexagons, so I knew I wanted to make fabric hexagons to wear. I also wanted to cross stitch a design but that hasn't happened yet. But I did make a ... Read More

Hexagon Cuff Bracelet – 12 Hexies Blog Hop

Hello and welcome to the next stop on the 12 hexies (or less) blog hop. I was so excited when Diane from CraftyPod told me the idea for this blog hop. I have been working on an EPP quilt since the beginning of the year and it is a very, very labor intensive project. So the idea of smaller, more manageable projects is extremely appealing, I put together this cuff in a few hours. What you'll need: .5" hexagons Scraps of fabric Felt strip 1.5" wide Button Thin elastic Fabric glue Needle and thread Embroidery floss Assemble some hexagons with your paper ... Read More

30 for 30 Crafting Challenge Done!

I made it through the 30 for 30 crafting challenge and I'm pretty proud of what I've accomplished! I finished the French knot color wheel. This became my main focus for awhile and I'm really excited to have finished it during the 30 days. I didn't work on Evie's blanket at all but I'm almost done with Mira's. This is the hardest to see a lot of progress on, but I've done 4 rows around. I have 4 more rows and then a border and I'm finished. I still have a few more designs to stitch up and a lot of hexagons to make, but it made good progress on the Wild ... Read More

WIP Wednesday – 30 for 30 Progress

I am absolutely loving this 30 for 30 crafting challenge! I have so many projects I lost interest in working on that I do really want to finish, but I have a hard time choosing them over the more exciting current projects I'm working on. But 30 minutes is such a short amount of time, I can easily set aside a half hour to work on one of these poor neglected projects. I laid out a list of the projects I planned to resurrect and I've been making good progress! The French knot color wheel is my new focus. I really want to get it done so I have been working on it the ... Read More