Embroidery Floss Ornaments

I have two big mason jars full of embroidery thread, this is the one from last year and I'm keeping one this year as well. I was doing monthly posts about my ORT jars but that kind of fell by the wayside, though I am still filling mine up. I've been wanting to do something with the threads so I've been keeping these jars around. I got some fillable plastic ornaments from Michael's. There are also glass ones available and I actually think they might be cheaper, but Mira tends to take ornaments off the tree so I wanted to stick with plastic. You can get them on ... Read More

More Free Christmas Ornament Cross Stitch Patterns!

I released the Christmas ornament cross stitch pattern for the last Free Pattern Friday and I had so much fun making it that I put together some more variations! Switch up the colors and there are endless possibilities! If you stitch any of these up, I'd love to see! Either tag me on Instagram, @hugsarefun or send me an email with a picture! rebecca at hugsarefun dot com Enjoy! Download the PDF here - Ornament Cross Stitch Patterns There are more free patterns to download here, and patterns to purchase here at my Etsy. ... Read More

Hexagon Cross Stitch Ornament!

I'm kind of hexagon obsessed right now. I made a few English paper piecing hexagons recently and now I want to make all the hexagons! When we were cutting out ornaments the other week, I remembered that Evie has some Play-Doh cutters in different shapes. I dug them out and was delighted to find a hexagon. Unfortunately, most of the ones I made and intended on painting got cracked. However, I made one hexagon that I poked holes in for cross stitching, and that one came out unscathed. It could use a little sanding on the edges, but otherwise I think it's pretty ... Read More

Cross Stitching Dough Ornaments – An Experiment!

This week we are having an ornament decorating party with a few of Evie's friends so we made a batch of this cornstarch dough and went to town with cookie cutters. I always use a straw to poke a hole for the ribbon to hang the ornament, and I got the idea to poke some holes for cross stitching! For the Christmas tree I used the same straw for the holes. They are bigger and that's why I used the yarn for stitching. The holes shrink a little when the dough dries, so I wanted to make sure they were big enough for a needle. They could have easily been smaller though and ... Read More