May TSNEM – Hand Quilting


The May Try Something New Every Month theme was "hand sewing" and I really struggled to think of something I hadn't tried before. I decided on hand quilting. I have tons of quilt tops finished, but I also knew that I didn't have the time to hand quilt a larger quilt so I decided to make a rainbow star mini quilt specifically for this. I watched this video on hand quilting basics by Wendi Gratz. I seriously love that woman, her videos are always the first place I search when I'm trying to learn a new crafting skill, she explains it all so well. I went out and got ... Read More

Quilted Hogwarts iPad Sleeve

My mom started reading the Harry Potter books earlier this year and is already finishing up Goblet of Fire. I wanted to make her something for Mother's Day and since I've already made her a pouch, tote bag, table runner, and a quilted basket, I was having a hard time coming up with something to make. I've seen these Harry Potter paper piecing patterns and thought it would be fun to make an iPad case with the Hogwarts crest. I went to Quilter's Quest and picked out fabrics. The Kona cotton in Coal is my current favorite gray to use, it's the same one I used for ... Read More

Pixel Heart Totes


For Christmas I made pouches for all of Evie's teachers so I felt like I set a precedent that I needed to exceed for end of the year gifts. I made each of them a quilted pixel tote bag and I absolutely loved how they turned out. Because I am insane, I started these a couple weeks before the end of school while I was also prepping for our trip to Disney World. I also made myself a purse before we left. I kind of want to make an entire pixel heart quilt now, even though I know it would take forever. But it would be amazing. Between these and ... Read More

Rainbow Wild Animal Cross Stitch Patterns – One Thimble Issue 11


(Please note: Affiliate links are indicated by an asterisk*) One Thimble Issue 11* is here and it's an amazing one! I am so excited to have my cross stitch patterns in this issue, I absolutely love how they turned out. The rainbow tiger actually has been waiting to be released as a pattern for years, I originally stitched it up for a Mr. X Stitch swap all the way back in 2014. When I first stitched it, every single stripe on the tiger was a different color and it took forever. I simplified it a bit and made wider stripes of each color. It's totally ... Read More

Free Pattern Friday – Origami Crane


I've been slowly moving along with my 1000 crane quilt. I've been trying to dedicate a bit of time every day to stitching them, I really keep to be finishing them at a more steady rate if I have any hope of finishing them by my 2018 goal. I've gotten a huge amount of interest and support for my project on Instgram and I've had multiple requests for the pattern. I've emailed it to a few people but I figured I would post it here for anyone who wants a copy. The crane is about 2" high and 2.5" wide and fits on a 1.5" hexagon, but you can scale it to any size ... Read More

April TSNEM Highlights and May Link-Up


This month's theme was edible crafts, I posted yesterday showing off my attempt at making rock candy. Here's some other projects that people made this month. Check out this fantastic BB8 cake from 64ColorBox. I'm extremely impressed, it's absolutely adorable. Stephanie from Swoodson Says tried natural dyes with some really interesting results. That blueberry dye is beautiful! Cheryl from the Facebook group used little cookie cutters on fruit and now I want to cut out little letters out of every food possible. The theme for May is hand ... Read More

April TSNEM – Rock Candy


April's Try Something New Every Month theme was "edible craft" and I was absolutely stumped. Last year I tried making macarons one month and it was very difficult. I wasn't feeling up to taking on a hugely complicated recipe again. Someone in the TSNEM Facebook Group mentioned making rock candy and I realized it was something I had never done before. My first attempt was a total failure. I started using this tutorial and then got confused by the part about the weight on the string. It sounds like you leave a weight tied to the string so ultimately you're eating ... Read More