Starting Christmas Gifts

I really love making Christmas gifts but I'm not great with time management. Last year I was finishing up a project on Christmas Eve and this year I am determined to avoid that. So in a completely uncharacteristic move, I've started Christmas gifts already. I haven't sat down and made a complete list of what I want to make, but I have started a couple things and that's a huge step for me. Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts? How early do you start planning? ... Read More

Handmade Christmas – Purplework Name

Here's the next in the series of Christmas gifts I made and one that I'm really happy with the result of. I made this during the &Stitches colorwork challenge and I absolutely loved working on it. I have always worked on 14ct. Aida, and this was my first foray into using 18ct. I used a slightly darker purple for the outline and then a lighter shade for the actual blackwork. I was torn between using different patterns or keeping the same one. I wanted to experiment and use different patterns, but I worried it wouldn't work because of the letters being joined on the ... Read More

Handmade Christmas – Embroidered Arrow

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Now that I've given all my gifts, I can finally start showing these off! I started making Christmas gifts back in November, so it's been a long time for me to keep these secret! I also had Evie making presents, so I'll show those off too! First up is this embroidered arrow I made. I haven't done all that much embroidery, but I am really interested in doing more. This was for Josh's aunt and uncle, his uncle has really gotten into archery over the past few years. I love how the arrow turned out, especially the fletching. I ... Read More

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas! This is our first Christmas as a family of four, and I couldn't be happier! Evie is at such a fun age and is so excited about everything, it just makes Christmas so much more exciting for me seeing her reaction to everything. We've all been battling illness the past few weeks, but we have managed to do a lot of fun Christmas stuff. We went to breakfast with Santa, baked Christmas cookies, driven through several local light festivals and saw Santa again there. And there's been lots and lots of Christmas present making! We did ... Read More

Throwback Thursday – Santa Edition

Last year was the first time we took Evie to see Santa. We didn't think it would go over well when she was younger, but last year she was two and old enough to be excited about seeing him. Well, she was excited the second time around, especially because he gave her a candy cane and toy cat. The first time, she wasn't so sure about him. This year she is much less apprehensive towards Santa and couldn't wait to go see him. Mira is the one who's a little wary now. ... Read More

Hexagon Cross Stitch Ornament!

I'm kind of hexagon obsessed right now. I made a few English paper piecing hexagons recently and now I want to make all the hexagons! When we were cutting out ornaments the other week, I remembered that Evie has some Play-Doh cutters in different shapes. I dug them out and was delighted to find a hexagon. Unfortunately, most of the ones I made and intended on painting got cracked. However, I made one hexagon that I poked holes in for cross stitching, and that one came out unscathed. It could use a little sanding on the edges, but otherwise I think it's pretty ... Read More

Holiday Shipping Deadline

If you wanted to buy some handmade cross stitched goodies for Christmas gifts, you still have time! But not much, so hurry! Saturday December 14 is the last day to place your order to get it in time to get it for Christmas. There's tons of stuff in my shop, but here are some of my favorites! Rainbow Chevron Cross Stitch Necklace White, Grey, and Turquoise Geometric Heart Cross Stitch Hoop Pink Kitchen Mixer Cross Stitch Rainbow Cloud Pendant Cross Stitch Kit Framed Rainbow Chevron Cross Stitch Striped Drop Cross Stitch Necklace Bow Tie Pendant Cross Stitch ... Read More