Free Pattern Friday – Miniature Pinscher Embroidery Pattern

I got an email from someone asking me about making a miniature pinscher pattern to go with my cat embroidery pattern. She had stitched up the cat (check it out, it's super cute!) and wanted to make another for her miniature pinscher. I haven't stitched it up yet but I think it turned out pretty cute! I don't do embroidery patterns very often but they are fun! Download the PDF here – Free Pattern Friday - November 2015 There are more free patterns to download here, and patterns to purchase here at my Etsy. If you stitch up one of my patterns, I'd love to ... Read More

Embroidered and Fabric Color Wheels

It's no secret I love rainbows and color wheels. The big French knot color wheel is still one of my favorite projects I've ever made. I made a smaller version last year but never really took good pictures of it and then I sold it. So I decided I should make a new one that I would actually keep for myself, which so rarely happens. It looks so involved but I stitched it up in just a couple nights of binge watching Parks and Recreation. It's in a Dandelyne hoop necklace and I absolutely love it. And while I was on the whole color wheel kick, I got the idea to make ... Read More

October TSNEM – Stumpwork Embroidery

I was looking through my list of things I've tried this year and I'm pretty pleased. Generally I've learned a lot of great new things and there have only been a few I haven't really loved doing. Unfortunately, this month was one of those. I tried out stumpwork embroidery for a post over at &stitches and just had a really hard time getting into it. As soon as I started looking into stumpwork I got overwhelmed. There are so many different types and techniques and there aren't a huge amount of resources out there. Kristen from Hey Paul Studios has done a lot of ... Read More

Embroidering an IKEA Canvas

A few weeks ago I went to IKEA and saw this little canvas. I had an urge to stitch it and since it was on sale for $2.99, I grabbed one. It's been awhile since I did any experimental stitching, so I was excited to play around with it. I originally wanted to stitch along all the lines, but the way the wood of the frame is, there is a row around the edge that is inaccessible for stitching. So I decided to just stitch some of it and leave the rest blank. I'm constantly on the lookout for random objects to stitch on and this was a fun little project to work on. I ... Read More

A Little Birthday Gift Sewing

Friday was Evie's fifth birthday and we had an incredible weekend of celebrations. My cousin has the same birthday and sent Evie a super awesome birthday package and I decided it was time to make a little something for her. I have been sewing a lot more lately but haven't tackled a zipper in awhile. I've been wanting to try making zipper tabs because I knew it looks cleaner, and I also wanted to make a boxy pouch that can stand. I attempted one of these a few months ago and failed spectacularly, so I was a bit nervous. I used this tutorial from Jedi Craft ... Read More

A Stitchy Baby Gift

I really love making handmade gifts, especially when I can add a personal touch that you couldn't get from something store bought. Some friends work at Disney and announced their pregnancy with an adorable video that featured a Mickey ears hat with the due date. I saw the video and immediately knew I wanted to make them something with the ears and the baby's name. They started posting photos of her nursery which was painted with hot air balloons. I drew up a design that included them and used the nursery color scheme. Projects like this always remind me how ... Read More

Stitch-Love-Along! A Giraffe Pocket Pal

Over on Instagram there is a super adorable stitch along going on for Mollie from Wild Olive's book, Stitch Love: Sweet Creatures Big & Small: Cute Kitties and Cows and Cubs and More...and a Yeti*. Today is the end of round one, to stitch a Pocket Pal. You can read more about the #StitchLoveAlong here. I had a hard time finding a garment for this. Neither of my girls own any jeans and I've stitched on a regular t-shirt before and wasn't eager to do that again. So I found this old hoodie of Evie's and went with it. Since the pocket is at an angle I ... Read More

1000 Crane Quilt Update – 10% Complete!

When I started the 1000 crane quilt, I knew I needed to set a goal so that I would finish it, but I also knew that I needed to give myself plenty of time. I settled on making it a 10 year anniversary project, which gives me a deadline of July 5, 2018. Here I am 3 months in, and I have 10% of the cranes embroidered. 100 feels like a big milestone, but it also feels like there is so much to still go. I was having breakfast with Mollie from Wild Olive and she put it in the perspective of having 10% finished. That seems much more impressive, it really is quite a dent. ... Read More