Virtual Busy Bag Swap – Sock Matching Game

I've done some busy bag exchanges in the past, but my ideas are always a bit limited because I have to make so many of them. So when Stephanie from Swoodson Says suggested a virtual busy bag exchange, I was really excited. I would just have to come up with an idea for a single busy bag, so I could put a lot of effort into making a super awesome one. And I might have gone a little overboard... What You Need: Clothespins Clothesline (I found one at the Dollar Tree. I tried to use thinner twine I had around but it wasn't thick enough for the clothespins to stay ... Read More

Gifts I Made – Embroidered Felt Mandalas

Several people received these embroidered felt mandalas for Christmas this year, made with this tutorial from Wendi at Shiny Happy World. For the larger one I used this Sulky 12 wt. cotton "Petites" thread and I really enjoyed working with it. Combine that with Benzie wool blend felt and it was really great to stitch with! Wendi was also the one that let me know about the existence of this thread, it's really great. The thread can't be split but it's much thinner than DMC thread, it's the equivalent of two strands. It's really nice to just be able to cut it and ... Read More

Modern Felt Advent Calendar Tutorial

Growing up we had a fabric advent calendar with a little Christmas tree that you moved into each pocket to count the days until Christmas. I remember being so excited about moving it closer to Christmas and rushing to be the one that got to move the tree. I have been wanting to make my own for years but it's so hard to find time to make Christmas decorations in November and December, and I just don't have the motivation to make them any other time of the year. So when Laura from Bugs and Fishes announced that she was doing another Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link Up this ... Read More

A Felt Tea Cup in Mollie Makes!

All the way back in July I mentioned a secret project that I wasn't able to talk about yet. Well, now I can finally reveal that I have a project in the December issue of the US edition of Mollie Makes! Unfortunately I just learned that the US edition won't be printed anymore, but I was so excited to have my project included! I made a felt embroidery hoop tea cup (which is kind of funny because my first ever magazine project was also a tea cup!) Apparently Target sells the US edition of Mollie Makes, but I checked three near me and none of them had it. ... Read More

A Floral Felt Scissor Holder

I got these absolutely ADORABLE bear scissors from the Missouri Quilt Co, I was placing an order and couldn't resist getting a few pairs. The only problem was they didn't have any sort of case. So when I saw this tutorial from Feeling Stitchy on making a felt scissor case, I set to work. I freehanded the embroidery, I didn't draw anything onto the felt before I began. I worked on it during a car ride going to visit my parents and I was able to finish it on the hour and a half trip. Now to make sleeves for the bunny scissors I got too! ... Read More

Mira’s Birthday Party!

For Evie's first birthday party I made a ton of decorations and then was so busy setting up that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures. I was not going to let that happen this time around, so I got all the decorations up the night before Mira's party so I could get pictures of them all! For the decorations I used a lot of Benzie Design wool felt and a lot of bakers twine from the Twinery. The pinwheels came from Land of Nod, I didn't even realize they sold party supplies until I saw a post on their blog about it. So last weekend we went to Land of Nod ... Read More

Free Cat Patterns!

I wrote a guest post for Bugs and Fishes and made a free pattern for this felt cat. You can see the tutorial and download the pattern there. The finished embroidery fits in a 6" hoop. I also made the cat into a free embroidery pattern! I should have used a stabilizer for the fabric, the satin stitches bunch up in some areas, but I think he's pretty cute if I do say so myself! Download the free embroidery pattern here. This cat would also make a good companion for the little bunny lady I posted the other day, did you download that pattern yet? And don't forget ... Read More

Free Bunny Pattern – Felt Embroidery Hoop

I'm not sure if you know this, but I went to school for illustration. I don't draw as much as I'd like, but it was on my list of 2014 goals to do it more. I love working with felt, and this felt wool from Benzie Design is so wonderful to stitch on! I created a free pattern for you to make your own felt hoop, but I've also made an embroidery pattern as well! To make the bunny you'll need: Wool felt - I made her white, but I think she would also look pretty cute in brown! Matching embroidery floss 6" wooden embroidery hoop Background fabric Print out the template ... Read More