Plastic Canvas Valentine’s Box Pattern & Tutorial

I'll be honest, I never really considered the serious crafting possibilities of plastic canvas until Diane from CraftyPod opened my eyes. Last year she organized the plastic canvas blog hop that I made baby blocks for and I've been wanting to experiment more with it ever since. I had this idea for making a heart box for Valentine's Day but I was struggling with getting the shape right. I emailed Diane and she suggested sticking with 45 degree angles when working with plastic canvas and that helped immensely! I have a pattern for the box at the end of the ... Read More

Modern Felt Advent Calendar Tutorial

Growing up we had a fabric advent calendar with a little Christmas tree that you moved into each pocket to count the days until Christmas. I remember being so excited about moving it closer to Christmas and rushing to be the one that got to move the tree. I have been wanting to make my own for years but it's so hard to find time to make Christmas decorations in November and December, and I just don't have the motivation to make them any other time of the year. So when Laura from Bugs and Fishes announced that she was doing another Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link Up this ... Read More

Plastic Canvas Blog Hop – Baby Blocks

I am really excited to take part in this plastic canvas blog hop. I love seeing all the different things people are doing with it, it's such a fun material! I haven't ever used it before, and I'm realizing how many options there are for plastic canvas! I made these baby blocks and stuffed them with polyfill and put bells inside so they rattle. They stitch up really quickly and can be customized with any colors. I've included a PDF to download with all of the different patterns I used. Each block has two solid sides and four patterned sides. I used 7ct plastic ... Read More

My first busy bag exchange

I have a huge to do list of the things I hope to accomplish before the new baby gets here. One of the big ones is that I've wanted to make busy bags for Evie. Things that are simple enough that she can keep herself entertained if I have my hands full and can't get to her right away. I had some ideas stashed away on Pinterest, but hadn't gotten around to any of them. Then I got invited to participate in a toddler busy bag swap. It was perfect. I'd get 10 activities, and I'd only have to come up with one project. I liked the ideas on this blog, and decided to do ... Read More