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February TSNEM – Sashiko Embroidery

This month for TSNEM I tackled something I've been wanting to do for a year (almost exactly, I posted about it February 4 of last year!), sashiko. My mother-in-law got me a few of the sashiko kits and a couple colors of thread. I bought some more colors from TaDaa Studio Stitch on Etsy and decided to make a bit of a rainbow. Sashiko thread is cotton but it's thicker than DMC and it doesn't split into smaller strands. I did another little sashiko project and used 6 strands of DMC and it worked just fine. So if you want to try out sashiko but are put off by the ... Read More

A Year in Review – 2014

Last year I set a bunch of goals for myself and I plan on doing the same for 2015, but first I wanted to look back at how 2014 went. Acquire all 454 DMC thread colors I did this! I have three neatly organized boxes containing all the DMC thread colors and a big box that needs to be organized that contains all the duplicate colors I have. Do at least one craft show and one art show I did this too! I had my cross stitches in two different art shows, the Bedpop Show in Bedford, England that was curated by Mr.X Stitch and the ArtBar Geek Show in Aurora, IL. I also ... Read More

2014 Crafty Christmas Tutorial Link-Up

On Wednesday 24 bloggers, organized by Laura from Bugs and Fishes, shared an amazing variety of Christmas craft projects. I love seeing all the different projects everyone came up with, they are all so varied and so incredible! If you're looking for some Christmas decoration or gift wrap ideas, take a look at all these great tutorials! Christmas Card String & Pegs - Fizzi Jayne Makes Felt Christmas Stocking - Vicky Myers Creations Felt Holiday Wreath - The Felt Store Penguin Pocket Friend or Ornament - Lulu & Celeste Saint Nick Ornaments - Homemade at My ... Read More

Lots of Exciting Things Happening!

I got a comment on my Facebook page from Pam, moderator for Craftster, writer for Feeling Stitchy, CraftGossip,, and all around swell lass. She let me know what I was added to the list of Modern Cross Stitch Designers! I was floored and absolutely thrilled! And shortly after I found this out I got an email that two separate projects had been accepted to CraftGawker! I've submitted projects to them in the past and they've been rejected, so this was beyond exciting! You can see both my felt bunny embroidery hoop and my dandelion puff embroidery. ... Read More

Dandelion Puff Embroidery Pattern

Last year I participated in the Christmas link up that Laura at Bugs and Fishes organized. There were so many fantastic projects and so many different ones! Well she's organized another one, this one is all flower themed and I'm thrilled to take part again! I created a colorful dandelion puff embroidery and I'm sharing the pattern with you! Now this pattern isn't exact, I improvised a lot, but I'm giving you a basic framework to start with. I did the center lines and then worked the French knots in the center and then the outside. The black areas of the pattern ... Read More

Free Cat Patterns!

I wrote a guest post for Bugs and Fishes and made a free pattern for this felt cat. You can see the tutorial and download the pattern there. The finished embroidery fits in a 6" hoop. I also made the cat into a free embroidery pattern! I should have used a stabilizer for the fabric, the satin stitches bunch up in some areas, but I think he's pretty cute if I do say so myself! Download the free embroidery pattern here. This cat would also make a good companion for the little bunny lady I posted the other day, did you download that pattern yet? And don't forget ... Read More

Friday Favorites – Lasers, Stitchy Selfie, & Mountains

First off I would like to direct all of you to 52 Lasers. Besides having an awesome name, this blog is fantastic! Jennifer (of Isette and Beadeux, the creator of the laser cut pendants) and her husband Ryan (of Abecediary ) have set a goal to create one new laser project a week. The first three weeks have already been really interesting, I can't see what else they come up with! I love reading about the problem solving that goes into laser cutting, it's fascinating to me! Next we have the amazing self portrait cross stitch from cauchy complete. She used 20ct ... Read More

Handmade Christmas – Embroidered Arrow

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Now that I've given all my gifts, I can finally start showing these off! I started making Christmas gifts back in November, so it's been a long time for me to keep these secret! I also had Evie making presents, so I'll show those off too! First up is this embroidered arrow I made. I haven't done all that much embroidery, but I am really interested in doing more. This was for Josh's aunt and uncle, his uncle has really gotten into archery over the past few years. I love how the arrow turned out, especially the fletching. I ... Read More